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About Us




The man that started it all folks! Purveyor of all things sarcastic and utilization of the term "hobby farmer". Jeff has the knowledge and knowhow to get folks the machines that will work best for them. It all started with a hobby, see above, and here we are today!



Guru of all things numbers, Connie makes sure that everything is as it should be. While Jeff may be the owner, everyone certainly knows who rights the ship when it needs to be. She's a sweetheart and we would be lost without her.



If you need a certain belt, for a certain mower, of a certain year, chances are Steve probably knows it off the top of his head. While there may be some questions as to that last hunting story, we are assured of his pursuit to get it right for the customer and all of their needs.



The man you can trust your combine with. Our on the road guy, Dave will answer any and all questions for a customer service call or delivery. With a few years of mechanic experience under the ol belt, he's the one we and the customers count on.



The bearded racer. A true northener who can darn near make anything if provided with a napkin drawing. If you need a repair to a chainsaw, tractor, or undiclosed mechanical device he's your guy.



The new guy learning the ropes around here. May or may not be the one writing these.