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Sometimes you just need a little information. At Freeman Creek Equipment we want to help you keep your equipment running at it's best. So we've put together a few basics to follow so you can keep tackling your challenges.



  • Treat your fuel before winter. We receive quite a few calls about someone's tractor not starting up when the cold really hits. More often than not it's moisture in the fuel. Condensation can build up and freeze the fuel lines. So if you don't have the luxury of keeping your tractor in a cozy warm place, we highly recommend a diesel fuel treatment before it gets cold out there.


  • Maintain your blades. This may sound obvious, however we see our fair share of serviced mowers with blades that could either use a good sharpening or in need of replacement. Also, don't be afraid to ask about what type of blades you can use on your mower. Different lawns call for different blades. Whether you're mowing a well maintained lawn or it's a bit on the sandy side, chances are we have a blade for it.
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